Warranty and Refund conditions

Refund and exchange terms


The products/products you send for change are unused, not contaminated, have not been modified, with the registration, the accessories, if present, the gift of the hand (without damage) in the latest 15 days from the date of delivery (in the evening of the products period 24 Hours), you can send the invoices to each ikinusha too, the shipping company (speedboat or Yurtiçi cargo) that you received by filling in the form of the change behind the invoice. All cargo charges in exchange (excluding campaign products) belong to our company.
Do not create a new order to make changes or contact our company by contacting the phone, but if the product you have submitted is available in our stocks after we receive the product you requested, the exchange in 48 hours will be sent to your address without receiving a shipping fee, if the product you want is not available in our stocks, customer service shall be searched by any other product or refund.
Design and evening dresses change or return in our models will be accepted only if the same day is given to cargo. There is no return or alteration due to hygiene in lingerie, swimwear, shawls and headscarves.
You will be informed that the product exchange has been given to you via SMS and that your product is shipped to the cargo.
Note: The products/products you have sent for Exchange have lost 14 days past, used, and sold, if any, if any. If the invoice is in two Nusha, (if any) without any accessories or gifts; the product will not be accepted, it shall be sent back to you (via message) and paid to you.
If you wish to send the product/products for exchange with a shipping company that we are not contracted to, you must pay the shipping price. Otherwise the product will return to you by not being accepted.
The shipping fee, excluding the campaign products, is ours. The shipping fee for your second exchange requests belongs to the buyer. Changes are not made after the second change, and your refund will be performed.


For any reason, the return time of the product that you want to return is 14 days from the date of receipt. The product you will return has not been damaged, used, and has not been harmed, and The redistributability feature must be intact.
Return operation of the products in the evening dress; It is only valid if the product is returned on the same day.

If the relevant times are exceeded, the return operation cannot be performed.

Order cancellation is carried out if the order is not shipped. Refund terms apply for orders given in cargo. You can obtain the details of your order by contacting customer service from 0212 000 00 00 numbered phones.

The product that is subject to return; Both invoices, original box and packaging, along with all the accessories sent, if you complete the refund form on the back of your invoice by filling in your payment with a deposit or payment method, the refund Please, to quickly complete your transactions; Account information (the account holder's name, bank account number, bank name, branch name or code) and the IBAN information by writing and signing (the refund form for your return transactions in accordance with the tax procedural Law No. 385 must be filled in and signed.) Via speed cargo; You will need to send a shipping fee with a speedboat, without paying the cargo.

Return product/Product price, from the moment the products reach our warehouse; Check the product's return conditions for compliance; For orders received by credit card, the shipping fee is cut and the remaining amount will be refunded to your credit card. However, if your purchase is installment, your bank reflects the refund in installments. For return transactions after receipt of the goods received by the door payment option and after the price is paid; The above-mentioned normal return procedures are valid and in cases where there is no defect in the product, the payment service fee and the shipping fee will be deducted and returned to you by lowering the total price of the purchase. After checking the return product/products to our warehouse and compliance with the return conditions, the product price will be refunded.
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